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ummm... Hi!

Obviously, this community isn't taking off, so I thought I'd help get things started. I hope I don't end up sitting here lonely, and someone comes by to pet me.

Who am I?
I'm Night Kitten, a teenage cheetah with an insomnia problem. I have an obsession with black, revealing clothes, and am on the yiffy side(like any teen who wasn't dropped on the head as a cub). I've always been rather adveturous and curious, as is the the nature of a young feline. *Meow* Don't mess with me, cuz I've got claws, and I know how to use them, and don't be stupid and try to outrun me. (duh, I'm a cheetah, you moron) I'm mostley a very nice kitty though, and very friendly.
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